Prime & Bond Elect

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/21/2014
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I have been using DENTSPLY Caulk?s Prime&Bond Elect for more than a year now with great success. As a general practitioner who performs a wide variety of restorative treatment, I welcomed the chance to use an adhesive product that offered a broad spectrum approach that allows me to customize restorations for my patient?s needs. To be able to use 1 product that can be the best of 3 worlds?total, self, or selective etch?is a huge winner in treatment confidence and restoration longevity. Another big benefit is its low film thickness, which is especially helpful for passive seating of today?s accurately fitting metal-free crowns and bridges.

Technique Versatility

As a universal bonding agent, Prime&Bond Elect allows me to choose the adhesion method best suited to the clinical situation: preparation design, depth, dentin quality, or even the amount of enamel present. Prime&Bond Elect is simple to use and provides a consistent result.

Essentially, in a selective-etch application, I rim the enamel with phosphoric acid for 15 seconds, rinse for 5 seconds, lightly air the preparation so a moist (not wet) surface remains. Prime&Bond Elect is then scrubbed in the preparation for 20 seconds, lightly air dried and then light cured for 10 seconds.

If a restoration calls for the self-etch technique, I apply the bonding agent twice, airing lightly after the first 20 seconds, and then after the second application. Subsequently, I move on to final light cure for 10 seconds. I have experienced no postoperative sensitivity with these methods, and patients are pleased to have quality in their mouths that offers solid, long-term treatment.

Because of Prime&Bond Elect?s versatility, I can rely on 1 bottle to set the stage for the type of adhesion each individual restoration requires. My assistants particularly like Prime&Bond Elect because it reduces inventory, dispenses in a single bottle, and greatly reduces confusion of other multiple bottle systems. Clinically, both dentin and enamel bond strengths yield solid numbers that translate to restoration performance and longevity.

Simplified Quadrant Dentistry

Quadrant dentistry is probably the best example of where Prime&Bond Elect can be utilized to meet every level of clinical demand. With a shallow Class I occlusal, Prime&Bond Elect allows me to successfully total etch, bond, and restore. Alternatively, with Class II cases, Prime&Bond Elect enables a selective etch, bond, and restore. And finally, Prime&Bond Elect is ideal for a Class V restoration ? where I only self etch. With one adhesive product, I am able to answer to multiple needs within 1 quadrant?smart and efficient dentistry.

A Systematic Approach

Prime&Bond Elect is one component of a total restorative system that DENSTPLY Caulk offers. I frame all my Class II restorations using the Palodent Plus sectional matrix system. Also, I routinely use SureFil SDR flow bulk-fill composite and cap the restoration with TPH Spectra. I?m a big fan of Spectra because of the dual viscosity offerings that allow handling preference as well as the composite?s chameleon effect. My new favorite in this total system is the SmartLite Focus curing light?it is focused, provides a deep gingival box cure, and is extremely ergonomic. Then I finish and polish with the Enhance system. This complementary suite of products reliably ensures consistent success with my direct and indirect restorations.