RealSeal 1 The Next Generation In Carrier Based Obturation

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/16/2009
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Carrier based endodontic obturation systems are a popular method for filling root canals. Traditionally, these systems consist of a plastic carrier coated with gutta percha that is heated to plasticize the filling material. Despite its popularity, carrier based obturation has limitations. The 2 most serious problems are stripping of the gutta percha from the carrier, especially when the canal is underprepared, and difficulty removing the carrier for retreatment.

Addressing the Problem

Sybron Endo?s RealSeal 1 Bonded Obturator addresses the flaws in other carrier based systems. Like the original RealSeal, RealSeal 1 uses Resilon to coat the carrier. Because it is injection molded, mechanical and chemical bonds are created between the carrier and the Resilon. This makes it possible to start bonding at the core and continue it to the dentin canal wall.

This molding process centers the plastic core in the Resilon, ensuring a constant amount of Resilon on the surface of the carrier. This overcomes the problem of leakage associated with stripping. With the new system, even a thin layer of Resilon remains anchored to the carrier, allowing adhesion of the sealer to the core and dentin. For retreatment, a solvent will soften the Resilon and dissolve the entire obturator core, making it easy to remove.

An additional problem with gutta percha based carrier systems is the sealers. Currently available sealers cannot reliably adhere to gutta percha so gaps develop. This is especially true when gutta percha is thermoplasticized by heat while using a carrier based system because it will shrink. The shrinkage causes gap formation at the interface of gutta percha and sealer. This seam can allow bacteria to recolonize within the root canal.

All the components of RealSeal 1 are resin based materials that bond with each other to produce a superior seal. An additional benefit is the dual radiopacity that allows the practitioner to see the core?s location relative to the filling material.

Verified Fit and Placement

The RealSeal 1 system uses a verifier to ensure the operator has proper fit for the obturator before its placement. The carrier is a single, easy device to deliver thermoplasticized Resilon into the entire prepared canal. In my opinion, the RealSeal 1 Bonded Obturator is operator friendly and requires less of a financial commitment than other methods to thermaplasticize Resilon.

If you believe, as I do, that Resilon is superior to gutta percha, and if you believe that thermoplasticized obturation is superior to cold lateral condensation, then RealSeal 1 is the right system to choose.