Scanora 3Dx

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/21/2013
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SCANORA 3Dx easily switches between high-definition panoramic and 3D CBCT.

scanora 3dx

Engineered to provide versatility and adaptability for general and specialty dental practices, the new SCANORA 3Dx from SOREDEX is a large-field-of-view CBCT for the entire craniofacial area with dedicated panoramic imaging. SCANORA 3Dx delivers a wide range of images, from highly detailed localized radiographs for endodontic and periodontal applications to large full-skull images for orthodontics or orthognathic surgery. Variable fields of view provide efficient and flexible diagnostics and make SCANORA 3Dx a valuable tool for everyday clinical practice.

Exclusive Benefits for Quality and Convenience

SCANORA 3Dx offers numerous exclusive features that differentiate it from other systems on the market. The result: improved accuracy with a simple, efficient workflow.

For improved workflow, the EasyScout capability ensures proper positioning for cone beam imaging without repositioning the patient.

With RealPAN dedicated high-definition sensor technology, SCANORA 3Dx delivers high-quality images comparable to those captured with dedicated panoramic systems for daily treatment planning.

Further simplifying use, SCANORA 3Dx?s Autoswitch feature enables users to change modes?between high definition panoramic and cone beam?without changing detectors or repositioning patienst.

The ClearTouch 12-in intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies operation.

Short scan times (from 8 to 30 seconds) and exceptionally fast reconstruction times further increase ease and efficiency for a streamlined workflow and treatment planning.

Enhanced Diagnostics

SCANORA 3Dx offers 2 imageenhancement functions to provide high quality diagnostics:

? SARA (SOREDEX Advanced Reconstruction Algorithm) technology allows visualization of minute anatomical details like small fractures and endodontic root fillings to aid in treatment planning.

? SMAR (SOREDEX Metal Artifact Reduction) reduces the scatter effect from metal artifacts.


SCANORA 3Dx has several selectable (multiple) fields of view from 5 cm x 5 cm (for single implants, third molars, and localized problems, and more) to 24 cm x 17 cm (for entire maxillofacial area, TMJ, temporal bone, sinuses and airways, traumatology, and maxillofacial and orthognathic surgery, and more). In addition to minimizing exposure by limiting radiation to the area of scanning interest, the ability to select variable fields of view allows users to isolate specific areas with efficiency and flexibility for maximum control.

Bottom Line

SCANORA 3Dx can provide maximum flexibility, deliver excellent image quality in both 2D and 3D modalities, and streamline workflow. It is a single system that covers the entire range of applications starting from a single implant to complex orthognathic planning and diagnostic examinations.