Simile Nano Hybrid Composite

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/24/2011
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Simile Nano Hybrid Composite

Pentron?s nano-hybrid universal composite features a blend of beauty and strength.

Designed and engineered at Pentron in 2002, Simile nano-hybrid composite has become known among clinicians as one of the first truly universal composite materials to combine the strength of a conventional hybrid with the beauty of a microfill.

Simile nano-hybrid composite was developed and produced using a combination of conventional submicron glass and innovative nano-scaled fillers: 0.6 ?m to 0.7 ?m average sized barium glass, specially processed 0.02 ?m to 0.04 ?m sized (20 ? 40 nanometers) colloidal bound and linked spherical silica fillers. The nano-fibrous sizes of the bound and linked nano- spherical fillers contribute to the interlocking and reinforcing abilities of the nano-fillers and therefore, provide exceptional strength.

The unique hybridization of Simile nanofillers and submicron sized glass particles offers the best of both esthetics and user-defined handling. Also, Simile?s unique resin matrix has contributed a great deal to the characterizations of the composite material. For example, the shiny appearance of the composite right after material manipulation is attributed to the combination of the composite?s resin materials, including the unique polycarbonate modified BisGMA resin.

A Nice Blend

Simile is neither a microfill nor a conventional hybrid from a compositional point of view. Most microfill composites are made from mixtures of resin and prepolymerized resin/fillers. This prepolymerized resin/filler mixture is difficult to bond to, which, by affecting physical and wear properties, limits the indications for microfills to areas where strength are the main concern. Most conventional hybrid composites compose more conventional hard, large glass fillers than micron sized fillers, which can make the restorations more difficult to polish.

For Simile nano-hybrid, the fillers are combined directly with a proprietary, reduced-shrinkage resin matrix that features a much higher volume of the special bound nanofiller. The overall filler loading in Simile is about 75% by weight with about 50% of nano-scaled fillers in the filler composition. The formulation has the strength characters of a hybrid composite, not a microfill, but provides the performance or esthetic characters of a microfill. This blend ensures Simile retains the outstanding mechanical properties and wear resistance of a typical hybrid composite. Yet, the nanosized fillers used in Simile allows the trimming and polishing as well as the polish retention that is typical of a microfill composite.

Committed to Innovation

According to Pentron, Simile Composite?s surface smoothness, gloss, and esthetics compare favorably to others in the market. Simile comes in a kit that offers choices that have good esthetics for most cases. No bonding system, etchant, or accessories are included in the kit but are available separately.