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Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/11/2013
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With the ubiquity of social media and smartphones, it?s more important than ever to make sure your marketing game plan addresses today?s increasingly tech-savvy patient.

As this trend accelerates, there is no escaping the fact that a phone call or postcard just isn?t enough anymore. But how can we navigate all the potential pitfalls that come with developing a ?high-tech, high-touch? practice? 

High-Tech, High-Touch

After doing my research, I choose Smile Reminder to help me provide the next-generation experience my patients are looking for. Many other services offer similar features, but Smile Reminder provided a dedicated trainer that helped my staff incorporate and get the most out of the system. This personalized touch reflected the ?high-tech, high-touch? philosophy of my practice.

One of the main ways that Smile Reminder helps facilitate patient communication is their online review feature that invites patients to review your practice at every touch-point, building your online reputation. After a one-time setup, patients receive automated, personal ?Recare? messages?appointment reminders?that are timed for maximum efficiency. These features save our practice time while helping us develop a relationship with our patients.

Social Services

More and more people are using social media as a tool to find and recommend dentists. In turn, your social media should be used to educate, communicate, and inform patients about the services you provide.

Your practice?s online presence can act as a form of patient education, allowing people to see the results of your work and the benefits you can provide, and patient satisfaction.

Smile Reminder not only allows staff to easily post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to easily maintain your social media presence, but it also has an app called Schedule Me. This lets patients request an appointment through Facebook, without your staff needing to be online at the time. And like all of the Smile Reminder features, Schedule Me and Social Media tools do not incur any additional fee.

Making It Personal

Nothing will ever replace face-to-face contact between the staff and patient, and in today?s culture, it?s far too easy to overly rely on convenient communication like text and email. Many patients prefer the high-tech convenience, but it is not a ?one size fits all? solution. There are still patients who want that human interaction.

To address this issue, Smile Reminder also offers SR Voice. With this feature, you can record your own voice, or a staff member?s voice, into automated landline appointment reminders and confirmations, making the patient feel that personal touch. SR Voice then conveniently confirms each appointment and automatically notifies your staff.

The important thing to remember is that, to have success with electronic communication and marketing, it is imperative to never neglect the personal touch.