Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/22/2013
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DenMat?s SOL diode laser combines portability, power, precision, and affordability.


Diode lasers are rapidly becoming a mainstream standard of care for a wide range of soft-tissue procedures. The diode laser minimizes collateral tissue damage, provides hemostasis, promotes rapid healing, and reduces or eliminates the need for anesthetic compared to traditional methods. DenMat?s new entry into the marketplace is its SOL desktop diode, engineered for both novice and seasoned laser practitioners. It offers all the benefits mentioned above, and more. Named after the Spanish word for ?sun,? the SOL laser has been given a sun design logo to denote the power of light.

sol diode laser


SOL is compact (6? tall x 5? wide x 6.25? deep) and lightweight (2.55 lbs) for easy movement between treatment rooms. Its internal battery provides more than 3 hours of use and transport without plugging in (an illuminated indicator warns of low battery power). Further enhancing portability, SOL incorporates an ergonomic carrying handle (located in the back) as well as a contained fiber spool system that keeps unwanted cord length out of the way.


Three easy-to-use pre-sets?Sterile, Perio, and Cut?are supplied with SOL to simplify treatment protocols; the presets can be customized to match user preferences. The unit also offers an additional user-programmable Custom setting to address the individual needs of the practice.


For optimal visibility of the working site, SOL incorporates a blue aiming beam. The beam enhances contrast on tissue so the operator can see the exact spot where the laser energy will be focused.

Comfortable Efficiency

The SOL handpiece sports a curved, contoured shape, and the innovative grip is designed to reduce hand fatigue. The slim handpiece and curved tip also improve access to posterior areas of the mouth in multiple positions.

Power and Versatility

Providing 3 Watts CW of power (5 Watts in the pulsed mode), SOL can replace conventional instrumentation for an array of soft-tissue treatment. Used in place of retraction cord for gingival troughing, for example, SOL easily separates hard-tissue margins from gingival tissue while stopping bleeding and eliminating postoperative pain. Instead of a scalpel or electrosurge, SOL can be used for efficient gingivectomies, removing unwanted tissue in a bloodless field with minimal postoperative discomfort.


For easy and fast turnaround between patients, SOL uses disposable tips, which eliminate the hassle and inconsistency of strip-and-cleave systems. SOL?s contemporary design and neutral gray color fit into modern operatory décor, and its small footprint simplifies positioning and storage regardless of available space. Covering SOL with a 2-year warranty, DenMat recommends it for general, orthodontic, and other specialty practices expanding their laser arsenal, equipping their hygiene team, or purchasing their first laser.