SOPROLIFE Diagnostic Technologies Are Changing Caries Detection

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/27/2012
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SOPROLIFE Diagnostic Technologies Are Changing Caries Detection

Minimally invasive dentistry means trying to make an accurate diagnosis and stop the disease process as soon as possible. Anything that can identify caries earlier will be best for my patients, as I can then determine the best treatment option for the tooth. The explorer can no longer be relied upon to find incipient lesions. The disease process of caries is not the same as it was years ago when G.V. Black established the extension for prevention criteria with an explorer stick.

Magnification and visualization is the recommended way to identify carious tooth structure. We now have intraoral cameras and caries-detection devices. There are new imaging devices to help in the early diagnosis of caries, along with assisting in the removal of the diseased dentin.

Find the Caries, Make the Diagnosis

SOPROLIFE from ACTEON Group has enhanced my ability to find caries by combining an intraoral camera for viewing a tooth with magnification and fluorescence technology to diagnosis and remove caries. This device uses a 450-nm, blue LED to create the fluorescence. It has both a diagnosis mode and a treatment mode. Diagnosis mode allows magnification from 30 to 100 times using white light. You can manually adjust the focus from full-face to macro. The head of the camera can be directly placed on the tooth surface to get an exceptional macro image.

Pushing a button on the handpiece changes the white light to fluorescence mode. There are 2 parts to the fluorescence light, diagnosis and treatment modes. A black light shield is placed on the head of the camera to block ambient light, as this can affect the images and allows for standardization of the images. The fluorescence allows you to distinguish caries from healthy tooth structure. Pushing another button puts the device into treatment mode. You can use treatment mode during caries excavation to determine if all the caries have been removed. Think of it is digital caries-detection dye.

Enhanced Patient Communication

SOPROLIFE has enhanced my ability to communicate and educate my patients. Showing patients the images of their teeth makes explaining the necessary treatment easier. The images of the fluoresced teeth make identifying carious grooves easy, and patients understand the red color is a bad thing.

Save Time, Improve Care

SOPROLIFE allows me to monitor teeth in a way I never could before. All of the images can be saved to my imaging software and archived if I choose to watch a tooth for later comparison. I can better document the disease state of a tooth, especially when the decay is not visible on a radiograph. This improved documentation covers me legally.

The best part is that my hygienist can take the images and have them available on the monitor. I can then examine the radiographs and images to better understand the patient?s condition before the standard dental examination, saving me time and improving patient care.