SplashMax: First Look

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 11/06/2013
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DenMat?s super hydrophilic VPS impression material offers premium performance at an affordable price.

splasmax pkg denmatInstant hydrophilicity, maximum tear strength, excellent dimensional accuracy, high contrast colors, and value pricing are the key features of SplashMax, DenMat?s newest generation of its popular Splash VPS impression material line. SplashMax made its debut at the 2013 ADA Annual Session.

Loves Water

Simply, the more hydrophilic the impression material the better (see sidebar on facing page). The degree of hydrophilicity is expressed in terms of contact angle?the lower the contact angle, the more hydrophilic the material. According to DenMat, in independent testing, SplashMax not only achieved the lowest contact angle, but also did so in seconds?the shortest amount of time among competing materials. SplashMax is wettable in plenty of time to provide benefits both when the material first comes into contact with dentition and when models are poured.

Flows to a Fast Set

In general, impression accuracy depends on 2 preconditions in the setting process. First, the material should remain flowable during working time with no premature setting. Second, the setting process should be as fast as possible as soon as the tray is placed in the fi nal position. SplashMax meets both requirements.

According to DenMat, independent testing also shows that thixotropic SplashMax exhibits minimal increase in viscosity, remaining flowable during working time. Once the tray is placed in the patient?s mouth, however, SplashMax?s snap-set feature accelerates the increase in viscosity. The material hardens within a short period and becomes fully elastic. Inaccuracies due to micro-movements are eliminated because of SplashMax?s 99.9% recovery after stretching and compression.

Convenience and Comfort

splashmax impression close-up denmatSplashMax exhibits excellent tear strength (0.635 N/mm for the Heavy material) to facilitate removal from the mouth. Furthermore, each of the 4 SplashMax viscosities sports a distinctive luminous color. The different colors of the Extra Lite, Lite, Medium, and Heavy formulations provide sharp contrast with each other when used together for exceptional visualization of detail. In addition, each material is wild-berry scented for enhanced patient comfort. SplashMax comes in 2 set times (2:15 and 4:30) and 2 delivery options (an easy-to-use 50 mL cartridge and a 360 mL jumbo cartridge).

SplashMax premium VPS impression material offers instant hydrophilicity, exceptional dimensional accuracy, fast set times, high tear strength, maximum contrast, and competitive pricing.

HYDROPHILICITY: Why it?s good and how it?s measured

Because impression material comes in close contact with wet soft- and hard-tissue, hydrophilicity is a highly desired feature of modern precision impression materials. The hydrophilic nature of an impression material relates to its ability to work, flow in a wet environment, yet still provide accuracy in an impression. Hydrophilic material flows better in areas such as subgingival areas, on mucosa, and on moist teeth. Hydrophilicity (wettability) also influences the capacity of the set material to be poured with gypsum without trapping air bubbles. The degree of hydrophilicity is typically determined by measuring water contact angle. As an example, SplashMax and other VPS impression materials were tested in carefully controlled conditions by depositing water droplets of uniform size onto freshly mixed material. For consistency, the droplets were controlled to contact the material within a specifi ed time after mixing. The water/material contact angle was recorded by a camera and systematically analyzed with specialized software. The lower the contact angle (i.e., the more the droplets are attracted to the material and spread out), the better the hydrophilicity. Conversely, a higher contact angle (i.e., the more the droplets are repelled by the impression material and remain spherical) indicates a hydrophobic material. Incidentally, in this independent testing, SplashMax exhibited the highest degree of hydrophilicity, achieving the lowest contact angle in the shortest time.