SuniMac Imaging Software

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 02/01/2012
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SuniMac Imaging Software

Suni Medical Imaging unveils an innovative, user-friendly imaging software designed specifically for Mac users?both novice and advanced.

When choosing between Mac and PC computers, many dentists opt to use Mac products in their dental offices. The Mac OS X operating system offers power and a sleek design, which can be useful to dentists who want to view clear images on large monitors.

But dentists have found that there are few options for dental imaging software created specifically for Mac computers.

Noticing an increasing demand for Mac software, Suni Medical Imaging, a leader in digital radiography since 1995, partnered with Haas Software to create SuniMac, an imaging software product designed specifically for dentists who use Mac products in their practices.

Power and Style

SuniMac uses the power and style typically associated with Mac products and includes a streamlined, sleek design, as well as an easy-to-use window-dragging feature. SuniMac is extremely user-friendly, providing a full set of tools for image enhancing, note taking, and importing and exporting images.

?Customers consistently tell us that they view Suni as an innovator in the dental marketplace. We are excited to introduce SuniMac as it continues to showcase Suni?s dedication to customer needs by providing a complete imaging solution for their Mac-based dental practices,? said Arya Azimi, Suni?s Marketing Manager.

SuniMac also offers a unique and important feature: a backup server that saves data in case users accidentally delete patient information. ?SuniMac provides access to a remote incremental backup server that uploads data as it?s saved,? explained Eric Smith, owner of Haas Software. ?It?s a simple process to identify any missing (accidentally deleted) data, and restore it.?

To better serve a variety of dentistry needs, Suni used the help of Garrett Guess, DDS, a 10-year solo practitioner board certified endodontist who uses a Mac-only system in his office. ?Endodontists have a unique way they use digital radiography compared to how general dentists use a digital xray system?We require every image to appear in a large format the moment it?s exposed so we can analyze the image quickly,? Dr. Guess said. ?SuniMac was designed with my input to work in this specialized manner that specifically works with the treatment flow and needs when performing endodontics.? He explained further: ?Being able to function in the special way endodontists need it [gives SuniMac] an edge.?

Along with these special features, Suni and Haas Software provide technical support for all users. Software updates are available based on Mac technologies and customer feedback.

A Complete Solution

Suni provides a complete solution of hardware and software products for the dental office. ?Suni sensors, paired with SuniMac imaging software, provide a complete and dynamic solution that meets all the imaging needs of existing practices, as well as the increasing number of graduating dentists who are interested in using more flexible Mac-based solutions in their office,? Azimi explained. SuniMac also can be purchased as standalone software.Additionally, SuniMac software easily integrates into an office?s existing Mac practice management software.

SuniMac is easy to learn and there are several tools that help users navigate through the software. ?This application is definitely a friend of the novice, and a powerful tool for the advanced user,? Smith explained. ?Users will find that very little training is required, and the result is a happier, more productive staff.? SuniMac also provides a step-by-step manual, including graphical instruction.

After an easy installation, users can immediately use SuniMac imaging software. Dr. Guess explained, ?To take images, it?s just a matter of having a sensor plugged into the computer, and clicking the button to take an X-ray. Quite a simple process.? Dr. Guess noted it was easy for him to integrate the program into his practice management software.

SuniMac is compatible with all Suni sensors. Dr. Guess commented on SuniMac?s integration with sensors: ?I?ve used SuniMac with SuniRay and Dr. Suni Plus as well as other branded sensors and there are never any issues.?

Providing Mac Solutions

SuniMac provides key dental imaging software necessary to run a dental office. ?We invite anyone to download a free 15-day trial version to convince themselves that this is the best imaging solution available,? Smith explained.

With Mac hardware and software constantly improving, Suni and Haas Software are working to keep up with Mac products such as the iPad and iPhone. SuniMac is expected to have an iPad interface soon.

For dentists considering using Mac computers in-office, Dr. Guess summarized SuniMac?s advantage: ?SuniMac used with [practice management software] is part of the ?system? that makes an all-Mac practice a reality.?

The new SuniMac imaging package can be seen at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting and will be available to customers in April 2012.