Taking Your Practice to New Heights with Venus

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/09/2009
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I recently spoke with some colleagues about which manufacturer?s reps we make time to meet with during our busy (I?m barely keeping up with the hygienists) days. My response: ?If I?m interested in their product or if they are going to help me build my practice, I?ll make time to listen.? Heraeus-Kulzer is doing both with some new materials and practice development tools.

The Right Product

Venus Diamond composite is a non BIS-GMA material with a patented TDC urethane monomer that allows for both a higher filler load and conversion rate. The nanohybrid filler system creates improved handling properties, esthetics, and durability. I recently placed 4 direct composite veneer restorations with the Venus Diamond material. The patient loved them and I liked the wax-like handling that allowed me to sculpt the material. I had plenty of working time to sculpt, and I appreciated the bright white shades. Although I like to use multiple layers of color (this system has 23 shades), Heraeus-Kulzer?s sampling of dentists placing 6000 restorations found that 95% of the clinicians liked using one universal shade because of its chameleon-like optic properties. The composite polished easily, which is one part of the procedure I like to minimize my time doing.

The Right Marketing Tools

Heraeus-Kulzer is launching a new national marketing campaign to increase consumer awareness about esthetic dental procedures. The company then helps consumers find clinicians using Venus products. In other words, Heraeus-Kulzer is investing in your success.

Besides the collateral marketing tools you can display in your office, Heraeus-Kulzer has developed some very cool online tools. At www.tryavenussmile.com patients can do some very basic smile imaging. It?s fun and they can share these images with their friends and family.

The next step is finding a clinician. At this web site, patients can find a provider enrolled in the Venus Smiles program or call the referral line to assist them in scheduling an examination.

I appreciate a company that will help me grow my practice. Heraeus-Kulzer is using current trends and techniques to build the cosmetic market as the economy picks up, which is a great move in my opinion.