V-Ring & V3 Sectional Matrix Rings

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 09/20/2012
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Introduced in 2005, the original V-Ring was the first sectional matrix system with V-shaped ring tines. Another version of the V-Ring was launched in 2008: the V3 Ring. The next introduction was the disposable, plastic V3 Blue Ring. Here's the low-down on all three.

Great separation makes great contacts.
On April 1 this year, Ultradent became the exclusive U.S. distributor of the entire line of innovative restorative accessories by New Zealand developer and manufacturer Triodent. There was absolutely no meaning behind the April Fool?s effective date of this partnership, because in the ensuing few months it has proven to be very successful. Triodent?s matrices, wedges, and other helpful gadgets are a symbiotic fit with Ultradent?s wide range of direct restorative offerings.
Not surprisingly, both companies are run by passionate scientist/researcher CEOs?Dr. Dan Fischer at Ultradent and Dr. Simon MacDonald at
Triodent?with similarly imaginative approaches to product development.

A System of Firsts
Introduced in 2005, the original V-Ring was the first sectional matrix system with V-shaped ring tines. This design was intended to allow the matrix to work in concert with the interproximal wedge, rather than competing with it for space. The system was also the first to have a retainer ring made of nickel-titanium alloy, which imparts exceptional strength and resilience to produce tight contacts. The ring?s V-shaped tines accommodate the wedge and work on narrow and wide embrasures.

Another version of the V-Ring was launched in 2008: the V3 Ring. Among other adjustments, this ring uses glass-fiber-reinforced plastic instead
of stainless steel for the tines. Additionally, the V3 Ring?s spring-tilt design allows easy stacking of multiple rings, and it is extremely stable on undercuts and in forceps. Like the V-Ring, it incorporates NiTi construction and is reusable/autoclavable.
The next introduction was the disposable, plastic V3 Blue Ring. It has the same wide indications as the other V sectional matrix systems but offers single-use, disposable convenience. It is designed to replicate the anatomical and separation qualities of the NiTi ring for posterior composites with predictably tight contacts and exceptional tooth anatomy.
All About the Accessories
Ultradent offers the entire line of Triodent?s restorative products. In addition to the 3 actual matrix rings,2 wedges also are available. Used with the
V3 Ring or V-Ring, the anatomical VWedge accommodates gingival tissue for excellent matrix-sealing capability at the gingival margin. Self-guiding and stackable, it is easy to place, adapting to the contours of the interproximal space. The V-Wedge comes in 3 color-coded sizes in either hard or soft versions.
Specifically for use with the V3 Ring, the Wave-Wedge incorporates a central concavity?the ?wave??for optimal adaptive sealing. It is offered in 3 color-coded sizes.
Used with either wedge, the Wedge-Guard interproximal tooth shield eliminates the risk of damaging adjacent teeth and papilla for faster, better preps. Following preparation, the WedgeGuard is detached, leaving the wedge in place for matrix insertion. Not having to remove the wedge has the added benefit of preventing reactive hyperemia for a clean working area.
Ring or No Ring?
Three non-ring sectional matrices round out Ultradent?s Triodent product family. Offered in 6 sizes, SuperCurve is designed for ease of placement because the matrix ?hugs? the tooth, avoiding any interference. It also has a microthin, nonstick finish to simplify removal after material curing.
The Tab-Matrix features an optimal anatomical design, exceptionally thin yet strong construction, and a vertical contour, so it?s kind to the gingival
Finally, the 360° Cervical Matrix has a rotatable handle and 3 grip positions for easy access and flexible application angles. Designed for creating quality Class Vs, the 360° Cervical Matrix is exceptionally flexible for an excellent seal at the gingival margin. It comes in clear for light-cured materials and black for glass ionomer cements.
The Family that Works Together?
All the matrices, wedges, and accessories in the Triodent family have been specifically developed to work in conjunction with each other to create an effective and predictable system for restorative success. Along with other ancillary tools like the Triotray Pro semi-disposable dual-arch impression tray and placement instruments (including the Griptab), Ultradent offers a comprehensive and systematic suite of products and materials that ensures sucessful outcomes for your patients.