Why I Use... Officite: Websites and Online Marketing for Healthcare Practices

Author : Sebastiana Gagliano Springmann, DDS, FAGD
Published Date 06/16/2016
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The goal of Officite’s website design service is 2-fold: 1. Give new and returning patients the confidence they need to feel comfortable making an appointment. 2. Present a professional online image of the practice that gives colleagues the confi dence they need to make referrals. Dental Product Shopper recently spoke to Sebastiana Gagliano Springmann, DDS, FAGD, to find out how Officite impacts her practice. Her website can be viewed at http://www.newtowndentalarts.net.


Our practice, New Town Dental Arts, had a very confined website that was not technologically advanced. It was originally built through our network host. Several years ago, we moved into a new offi ce building. Along with being in a new facility, we wanted to upgrade our web presence. We really wanted to have a top notch website that we could direct patients to. We envisioned a recruiting tool for patients and staff, as well as an educational tool.


Flexible Design

We spent a long time researching different website creation companies, and we chose Officite because of their ability to give us a more custom site. Some of the other website creators were “cookie cutter,” which is what we had before. They would give us a template and there was a little you could change about it, but not a lot. Officite’s platform gives us a lot more flexibility and opportunity to manage the website ourselves.
We wanted something that would give people who never met us a good feeling about who we are. Officite allows us to upload a virtual tour and a patient testimonial video. We’re very involved in community service, so whether we're running a drive for the food pantry or Toys for Tots, we can go ahead and post a notice for our patients to participate. Our website is also integrated with our Facebook page, so our latest social media content will appear on our website.



Mobile Friendly

There are many articles written today that basically say, “You have to have a mobile website. If you don’t have a mobile website you won’t have a Google presence, and people won’t be able to find you on their smartphones.” We didn’t have to transition to mobile later—it was offered to us right from the start!
We put our website URL on all our promotional materials, along with a QR code that links directly to it. When patients are on our site, they can contact us directly through the online form. Officite forwards the message to our email, which is really helpful. A patient can also set up an appointment directly through our website and leave a testimonial.



Reliable Support

Officite has been great in terms of providing support. Our website has obviously gone through many changes since we started using the service almost 6 years ago. When we call in a change that we can’t make ourselves, the Officite team is on it. They have also helped us with keywords and search engine optimization to make sure we rank highly in a Google search. I would recommend Officite to other dentists who want to expand their online presence and attract new patients.






Sebastiana Gagliano Springmann, DDS, FAGD, has practiced dentistry in Williamsburg, VA, since 1992. A native of Brooklyn, NY, she attended New York University, trained as a biomedical sculptor, and was on staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center providing prosthetic rehabilitation. She later attended The College of William and Mary and then The Medical College of Virginia where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Springmann is an active member of many community and professional organizations.She earned her fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry in 2013.