Zirlux Full Contour Zirconia

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/05/2014
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As dental materials science and technologies evolve, partnerships among dental professionals and industry/manufacturers are becoming more common?and mutually beneficial. Henry Schein has always been a partner of Drake Laboratories?, and when Zahn introduced Zirlux Full Contour Zirconia, it was just an additional collaboration that made good business sense.We had been making zirconia substructures at Drake for more than 8 years when Zirlux came on the market.

Consistent Quality

Drake is known in the marketplace for consistent quality. We choose products very carefully. When Zahn brought Zirlux Full Contour Zirconia to us, we put it through our processes in the lab and found that it?s a really great material. The esthetics of zirconia have gotten better and better. We can meet or exceed our esthetic requirements with the Zirlux system and CAD/CAM milling. We have made over 1500 Zirlux units to date. Different Zirlux systems and preshaded blocks can be used to create highly translucent monolithic or layered restorations with high strength and biocompatibility, from a single unit to a full arch.

Restorative options that can be fabricated with Zirlux include copings, crowns on natural dentition or abutments, partial or full bridges, inlays, and onlays. Zirlux FC2 full-contour zirconia is a great all-ceramic alternative to PFMs because it emulates natural teeth superbly. It has very high  exural strength and does not wear opposing dentition. Fabrication is simple, and the stain and glaze technique is very versatile. Restorations can be created in all 16 Vita A-D shades, plus the bleach shades, without dipping or using any coloring liquids, which creates a lot of predictability.

Economic Advantage

Economy is another advantage to using a zirconia like Zirlux, especially as PFMs continuing to decline. The price of alloy alone makes zirconia a very attractive material, and there aren?t the cost  fluctuations seen in the alloy markets that occur because of commodities trading. When prices change every day, the time of purchase determines the cost of a product. The advantage to labs, dentists, and even patients is that costs are stable with zirconia and restorations can be priced accordingly and competitively.

A True Partnership

Although using Zirlux requires CAD/ CAM technology and milling machines, human intervention is still required, whether it?s in the design phase or the stain-and-glaze stage of the process. For labs that don?t do their own milling, Zahn offers a state-of-the-art custom-milling outsourcing center where they fabricate copings, bridges, custom abutments, zirconia restorations, partial frameworks, veneers, crowns, and inlays. Partnering with Henry Schein has been very positive for Drake Dental Lab and provides a lot of value for us above and beyond just the esthetics of the materials. We are proud to be associated with Zahn and Zirlux Full Contour Zirconia.