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BEYOND Max5 and Max10 In-Office Whitening Kits

BEYOND Max5 and Max10 In-Office Whitening Kits

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BEYOND Max5 and Max10 In-Office Whitening Kits

BEYOND Dental & Health

BEYOND Max5 and Max10 produce optimal whitening with less sensitivity at a reduced cost.

BEYOND Dental introduces the Max5 and Max10 in-offi ce power whitening kits. Designed for comfort, safety, convenience, and optimal results, the 30-minute treatment features a 35% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel made with a broad-light activation spectrum for use with any bleaching light.

The system is packaged to provide 5 (Max5) or 10 treatments (Max10), and includes 5 or 10 dualbarrel syringes of BEYOND Advanced Formula whitening gel (2.6 mL) with mixing tips, 5 or 10 syringes of BlueSeal gingival protection (1.5 mL), face protection cloths, a multilingual treatment guide, and take-home post-whitening instruction cards.

Patient Satisfaction and Sensitivity

The Max systems’ maximum-strength whitening gel improves oral health while whitening. Of the 15 dentists who evaluated the kits, 3 rated patient satisfaction as excellent, 8 rated it as very good, and 4 rated it as good. When asked what they’d like to see improved, 2 dentists mentioned whitening results. One dentist noted “great results and patient satisfaction,” another said it “seems to work better than previous systems,” and a third reported “noticeable results right away without a lot of sensitivity.”

Patient sensitivity was rated as excellent by 3 evaluators, as very good by 5, and as good to fair by 7. One dentist cited this as a feature he’d like to see improved, 2 reported “minimal sensitivity,” and a third said, “the patient didn’t complain about sensitivity as much.”

Cost and Time Savings

Researchers recommend that cost, time issues, and sensitivity be factored into decisions related to whitening.1 Max5 is available for $105 and Max10 for $200. According to the manufacturer, procedure time is shortened and sensitivity risk reduced.

Price was rated by 11 evaluators—3 as excellent, 5 as very good, and 3 as good. One evaluator said the product “works fine but costs more than my current system.” Three evaluators cited price as the feature they liked most; 1 called it “much more economical… but the tube could contain a little more gel [versus just enough to complete the procedure].” Another evaluator “really liked that the cost per patient is kept down. The kits don’t come with items we already have [suction tips, cheek retractors, soothing gel, etc] and don’t need to pay for.”

Ease of Use

Each unit-dose of the Max systems’ Advanced Formula whitening gel comes in a dual-barrel syringe with automix tip. The easy-to-use BlueSeal light-cured resin barrier provides gingival protection.

Ease of use was rated as excellent by 4 evaluators, as very good by 7, and as good by 4. Six evaluators cited ease of use as the feature they liked most. The dentist who called the whitener “easy to use…no mixing and easy to apply” suggested “slightly more gel in the syringe for bigger or more teeth to whiten.” One dentist reported “good gel consistency,” and another said, “The gel syringe is very nice with the self-mixing tip.” A Denver dentist who gave the product an overall rating of good said he’d “like the bleach to be something other than white/clear to facilitate application.” One evaluator identifi ed the barrier material as a feature he’d like to see improved. Two evaluators provided positive feedback, calling it “very easy to place and remove…stayed in place nicely” and “very easy to apply and had a great consistency…one of the best gingival products we’ve evaluated!” Ease of clean-up was rated as excellent by 3 evaluators, as very good by 9, and as good by 3. Five dentists called clean-up “very easy,” 2 said the gel was “easily suctioned off the teeth,” and 1 called it “much easier to clean than other in-offi ce bleaching products.”

Overall Satisfaction

When asked about overall satisfaction with the BEYOND Max whitening system, 2 evaluators rated it as excellent, 8 as very good, and 5 as good. Fourteen evaluators said they would defi nitely or probably recommend it to colleagues, and 12 would defi nitely or probably purchase it. “We’ll use up this product and look into getting more in the future,” said a Utah evaluator in practice for 26 years.


1. Kugel G, Ferreira S. The art and science of tooth whitening. J Mass Dent Soc. 2005;53:34-37.

Manufacturer Information

Since founding in 2003 by Dr. Jenny Shen, BEYOND has grown rapidly into a recognizable global leader in professional tooth whitening systems. BEYOND is recognized as the premier whitening system provider in the esthetic dental community in Europe and Asia, and more recently in the South American markets and in the Middle East and Africa. With the continued increase in demand for teeth whitening treatments, BEYOND enjoys tremendous growth, providing premium whitening systems to discerning dentists every day around the world.

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