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BioXclude is a 2nd-generation placental allograft for use as a wound covering in dentistry. BioXclude is a processed, dehydrated and sterilized graft composed of allograft amnion and chorion tissue (300 µm thick). Each allograft undergoes proprietary Purion tissue processing to cleanse and maintain the delicate structure of tissues. BioXclude can be stored at room temperature and possesses a five year shelf life. Composed of immunoprivileged tissue, resorbable BioXclude reduces inflammation at the wound site. It requires minimal trimming and can be folded onto itself and placed over exposed roots; it tightly adapts over placed bone graft and proximal bony walls and does not need to be secured into place with sutures or tacks. BioXclude is for single use only and is available in four sizes:10 by 13 mm, 10 by 25 mm, 15 by 20 mm, and 20 by 30 mm.

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