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1 in 3 Americans Haven't Seen The Dentist in The Past 12 Months

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1 in 3

More than 178,000 American adults participated in the 2013 poll compared to over 354,000 individuals in 2008. The findings revealed that 1 in 3 Americans do not meet the minimum acceptable level of oral care in the United States. More than 64% of respondents admitted to seeing the dentist in the past 12 months, a 1% drop from 2008 when 65.7% said they have visited. Women were more likely to visit the dentist compared to men, with 67.2% of women saying they saw the dentist in 2013 compared to 67.8 in 2008. Only 62% of men went in 2013.

The age group with the lowest percentage of dental visits was the 18 to 29 category, which reported that 62.4% visited the dentist. The age group with the highest percent of dental visits was the 65+ category, which had a 63.4% response rate in 2013, compared to 59.1% in 2008, an increase of 4.3%.

African Americans were least likely to visit the dentist in 2013, with only 55% of respondents saying that they had seen their dentist in 12 months. Hispanics followed them at 55.2%, Caucasians at 68.4%, and Asians at 69.6%.

As the household income increased, so to did the numbers of dental visits, with households of $120,000+ reporting that 82.3% saw the dentist in 2013. The South was the least likely area to visit the dentist with 60%. The East was the most likely to see the dentist with 68.9% of responses in 2013, down from 70% in 2008. 

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