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Children's caries redux...can't say it enough

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You've heard it all before, but it doesn't seem to get any better. Caries is the number one chronic disease among children?5 times more common than asthma, 7 times more common than hay fever. More than 4 in 10 kids have tooth decay by the time they enter kindergarten. Tens of millions of hours of school are missed due to tooth pain and decay. Children with poor oral health have been shown to struggle academically. There have been small steps forward, but many steps back, in the fight against this scourge.

Here and there, however, there are initiatives cropping up that aim to make a small dent. Prevention and education are acknowledged as critical components in the crusade for healthy young mouths. You might want to check out 2min2x ,the Ad Council campaign recently launched by a coalition of the National Children's Oral Health Foundation along with dozens of other professional organizations and dental companies. The goal of 2min2x is to educate families on the importance of good oral hygiene by providing practical, usable, digestable information on brushing, flossing, dental visits, and more.

You have many resources for talking to your patients about good oral  health. Add 2min2x to your tool bag. Send your patient's to the web's fun, simple, and chock full of great information.

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