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DenMat's SOL Diode Laser: A Valuable Addition to the Practice

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In comparing soft-tissue lasers on the market, I found that the SOL diode laser was the only system with a blue aiming beam. Other diodes used red beams that were not as visible in the mouth. The blue beam contrasts with oral tissue so I know exactly where I am working.

DenMat SOL Diode LaserPortability was another reason I selected the SOL diode laser. Its internal battery and comfortable carrying handle simplify transporting between operatories, and the contained fiber spool system keeps the cord out of the way. I can use the SOL diode laser for more than 3 hours without plugging it in.

In 2 recent cases, the SOL diode laser was indispensable. The first was a case of gingival hyperplasia caused by calcium channel blockers in a patient who was also on blood thinners. The SOL diode laser allowed me to trim the excess tissue around the upper anterior teeth with no bleeding and no need for periodontal dressing. The second case was when a patient of another dentist I was covering for presented with a crown that had come off of a lower molar. The gingiva had grown over the margins and I was able to easily trim the tissue and recement the crown.

I want to convince every dentist I know to try the SOL diode laser. With confidence, I also have told them that if they try it, they will buy it. The SOL diode laser is an excellent product and is a valuable addition to my practice.

-Dr. John Panzica

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