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Through his work in medical devices, he (Paul Getsy) came across a website by accident for this new kind of hearing device that uses the teeth for hearing.
He immediately called the company and the doctors once the device became FDA approved last fall. He got his in December.

Sound waves are picked up by a microphone in the bad ear. The signals are sent wirelessly to a device in the mouth. The sound vibrations are then sent through the bone and are sensed by the good hearing nerve on the other side. The vibrations aren?t felt, but the device is.
Teeth Hearing Aid
?I?ve never worn dentures or braces, but I?m sure it?s a very similar type transition,? he says.

Other options involve surgery and a permanent implant into the bone. The advantage to this one is its convenience?it simply snaps on your teeth. To be a good candidate, you have to be at least 18 and have normal hearing in the other ear and healthy teeth.

Here?s the link to the story.

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