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DENTAL COOL: Bluetooth in a Tooth

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It?s a durable composite resin filling that fits into a tiny hole in your mouth. It?s designed to fit into a 2.2mm diameter and 1.7mm deep space and will pick up sound and vibrations from your mouth to produce incredibly clear sound. This tiny input functions like a cell phone accessory and is placed inside a tooth for the highest level of function with the least amount of maintenance. While some may see it as wacky, others are seeing it as incredibly convenient.

This is made by chinavision, a creative company in China. Chinavasion reminds you to not go drilling holes in your teeth yourself. ?All dental work should be performed by a qualified dentist; Chinavasion does not take responsibility for injury resulting from the installation of this product.? Make sure you consult a dentist who is willing to perform the procedure rather than trying to install it yours.

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