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Dentist For The Stars Helps The Uninsured

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Dr. Lee Gause

The money is raised through an art show and auction that features different celebrities. Past names have included hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz, hip-hop photographer Chi Modu, and Fab Five Freddy. Takashi Murakami, an artist who has worked with Kanye West and Pharrell Williams will be one of the main artists featured at the July 9 auction.

Gause?s celebrity résumé, which include Danny Green, Floyd Mayweather, and Angela Simmons, provide him the opportunity to turn to those in need and provide them with services they are missing.  

?I?ve been blessed with an incredible dental practice,? Gause said in an Ebony article. ?We have an amazing clientele for which we can offer the highest level of dental care,? he says. ?We sell incredible art, but the people who buy it know their purchases help provide dental care for those who need it. We owe a lot to them and we?re grateful for their support.?

With the money raised, over 500 uninsured individuals were treated last year. Auction pieces range from $5,000 to $120,000, with 100% of sale going towards those less fortunate. 

?We?ve been involved in charitable dentistry for years, but we started SDG after one weekend when we ran the numbers on what our good deed actually cost [and the numbers were] astronomical,? Gause said. ?Healthcare costs in America are through the roof. Our mission is that 100% of the value of art sold is matched in free dental care for uninsured people. Obviously, the most rewarding part is knowing that we?re positively impacting people?s futures. I fixed one teenager?s broken front tooth. For me, that was meaningful because I know he can smile proudly in college or job interviews and as he goes through life.?

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