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Dentist's Tips to Provide Better Clinical service

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Simmons provides some tips for how dentist's can shake thing up and break out of the normal routine. Her reasoning for dentist's not taking the initiative to break out of their old routine is because of time commitments and being comfortable with the status quo.

Below are some of the ways that Simmons recommends sprucing up your practice. 


Be up-to-date on dental products and their uses.

  1. It is hard to keep track of what is what, but if you have time between patients or are waiting on x-rays (instead of jumping on Facebook or surfing the web), pick up a dental journal or magazine and start poring over some of the articles.
  2. Ask yourself simple questions such as: Why do I use this resin over another? Which is a better bonding agent, or why are my patients always sensitive after they get fillings done? What is the difference and indications for one type of ceramic crown over another? Why am I using this type of cement? What are the benefits of different types of hemostatic agents?

Try new techniques and technology!

  1. It is easy to maintain a charted course and make the ruts in the road deeper. Instead, turn the corner and blaze a new trail. If it doesn?t work for you, then at least you know.
  2. For example, do you continuously use Tofflemire bands because that was what you did in dental school? I will tell you, there are better ways to achieve tighter contacts and more ideal contours with other techniques and products!

Don't let your likes and dislikes dictate or limit your potential to perform certain procedures in your chair.

  1. Many general dentists refer difficult or complicated procedures to specialists "this is one of the things that makes our profession come full circle" a community of providers to ensure the best care possible.
  2. When you do refer, establish a trusting relationship with your specialist and use that association to both of your advantages.

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