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Enterprise-Level Businesses Turning to Mobile Dental Practices

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These mobile dental practices aren?t the last-ditch trailers that used to sprout up in poor neighborhoods and on military bases; modern mobile dental clinics come with all the premier dental products, materials and furnishings. MarketWatch describes one mobile practice as, having ?many of the same qualities as a traditional dentist?s office, albeit in a tighter space.? Three examples they cite include:

?Onsite Health?s 520-square-foot vehicles have waiting rooms with televisions and several treatment rooms with all the traditional trappings? electric dental chairs, a lab with sterilizing equipment and sinks; Access Health Dental?s 700-square-foot facilities have five treatment rooms equipped with digital x-rays. The smaller Studio Dental van has 230 square feet of interior space, which includes a sterilization room, waiting area and 2 treatment rooms, all with luxe touches like 11-plus-foot ceilings, Corian-sculpted skylights and white oak walls.?

Many dental clinics also offer non-mobile onsite services by taking over auditoriums, conference rooms or cafeterias with temporary structures to give more space and privacy to patients.

The article doesn?t expect that mobile dental practices will eventually take over for brick and mortar offices. In fact, the limited capabilities of such facilities may actually help brick and mortar offices by acting as a referral for specialized procedures and more in-depth treatment. Instead, mobile dental clinics seem to be another tool for helping encourage routine dental screening and care on a large scale.


What do you think of mobile dental clinics? Has your practice ever participated in mobile screenings or services to attract new patients?

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