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Going the Distance to Avoid the Dentist

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According to multiple sources that broke the story, the boy was found in late May in Alpine village St. Gervais, where police spotted him hiding while on patrol. After talking to the boy, he told them that he had been kidnapped and escaped.

As strange as this story has already started, that is only the beginning. The detail the 12-year old provided the police led to a month long investigation. Remember, he?s 12. 

?European looking, aged in his thirties, of muscular build with a height of around 1.70 and a vertical scar on his right cheek. The kidnapper was also wearing a black shirt and light jeans according to the boy. Police quickly drew up an e-fit image of the alleged abductor. The young boy was also able to hand over details of the car he was driving and of course what happened during the abduction.?

The boy said that the man pulled up in his car and asked him for directions before forcing him into the car and driving away. He said that he escaped when the car stopped in St. Gervais.

After sifting through records and surveillance videos from the alleged abduction, the police began to notice things weren?t adding up. After bringing the child back in for more questioning, he admitted that it was all a rouse in order to avoid going to the dentist because he was afraid. 

Quite the imagination, and thankfully a horrible situation averted without further damage done.

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