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Got anxious patients? Colleague penned self-help book

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afraid of the dentist

You Can Conquer Your Dental Fear...And Maybe Even Enjoy Your Dental Visits, authored by Shelton, Conn. general dentist Dr. Ron LInden, might be a great giveaway for your anxious's a bargain ($2.99) for the Kindle edition on Dr. Linden has been helping scaredy-cats relax and accept needed treatment for more than three decades. Now he's decided to share what he's learned over the years, including the various reasons for dental phobia, desensitization strategies, the benefits of sedation dentistry, and more.

"This book is an attempt to reveal how a patient with severe anxiety can come back into the dental fold. No one wants to feel frightened about coming to a dental office. One just may not know how to deal with the present anxiety," writes Dr. Linden. "Whether dental fears come from a traumatic dental experience or from a conversion fear--a fear from something totally unrelated to a bad past dental trauma--anyone can learn strategies to help live a life of excellent dental health, a life free from dental pain, and have a smile that feels great inside and out."

If you want an old-fashioned print version--also a bargain at $7.99--that's also available through Dr. Linden's practice web site. Could make great reception room reading.

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