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Grave Robber Steals Teeth of Famous Composers

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Besides being single-handedly responsible for Scrabble banning the proper noun, Ondrej Jajcaj Jr. can now add necro-dentistry to his CV. It's easier than getting new business cards printed, anyhow.

I encountered this story on the ABC News website via Google News, but really anyone with YouTube access could be credentialed as an investigative journalist in this case. Seriously, he posted his post-mortem pilfering on the most popular video-sharing site in the world.

Dude missed a class somewhere in Deranged Villainy 101.

In any case, it allows us to share this insanity with the world. Take the video tour below to see OJ's collection, which includes the dentures of Johann Strauss Jr. and the rubber prosthesis of Johannes Brahms.

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