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How to Set New Patients at Ease

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1. Be welcoming. 

Speak in a soothing, warm voice, and ask patients questions about their career, children, or what brought them to your office. Listen carefully, and ask follow up questions. Get your administrative staff in on it, too?make sure they help new patients feel welcome and valued the moment they step in.

New Patient2. Listen.

According to Dentistry IQ, "One of the biggest complaints from the general population about health care is that no one listens?[that] people?s concerns fall on deaf ears.? When you talk to a patient for the first time, take note of what he or she is really looking for, and hopes to find in your clinic. Take note of what the new patient is really looking for, and act on as much feedback as you can.

3. Stay simple.

What treatment can your patient expect? Being able to present this information clearly and with obvious benefits is crucial to getting patient buy-in. For example, whitening could take years off of a smile, or restoring a tooth with a full-coverage crown could stop pain and prevent future expense.

Ultimately, having a great practice boils down not only to technical skill, but people skill. Remembering that people are more than just teeth?that they?re feelings and fears?and treating them with kindness is one big step towards becoming a great dental practitioner. 

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