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If it looks like a tooth.......

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replicate schematic

The name pretty much says it.....Replicate Nonsurgical Tooth Replacement System. Currently available to dentists in the European union, it's a an innovative approach to single-tooth replacement. A custom-designed anatomical replica--root/abutment and crown--of the non-functioning tooth is placed during the extraction appointment. The whole process begins before extraction. In a nutshell:

From a CBCT scan along with a conventional or digital impression of the tooth to be extracted, a patient-specific replacement tooth is designed using proprietary CAD softwre. Thge implant root is an anatomical copy of the tooth to be extracted; the abutment and crown are designed from a digitized impression. The customized components are CAM-manufactured from titanium and/or zirconia. The Replicate tooth is delivered as a single component--root, abutment, and crown/splint--assembled, sterilized, and ready to place.  (Incidentally, the splint portion stays in place for stability during osseointegration, and is then removed when bone integration is complete.)

Among the many preparations for a U.S. launch, Natural Dental Implants, Replicate's developer and supplier, recently appointed CAD/CAM guru Dr. Alex Touchstone to serve on its clinical advisory board. Dr. Touchstone's take.....

?I'm very excited about Replicate because it is 100% customized to the anatomical shape of the tooth being replaced. In fact, each Replicate tooth is as unique as the patient it is designed for, from the tip of the root to the top of the crown ? that's a major development!?

Just offering a sneak peek and a head's up to look out for this in the not-too-distant future. You can learn more at



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