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Indie Rock Group Slowed by Dental Woes

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New Pornographers

?It was my lower-left first molar,? Collins told the Reader. ?It had a full-on abscess going on in it. You have what basically amounts to a massive pimple on the wrong side of your tooth. It?s putting a lot of pressure on your jawbone and the nerves in your tooth that are infected. All the pain to begin with was up in my sinuses for some reason. I was convinced I had chronic sinusitis and convinced the doctor along the way (before I went to the dentist) that I had sinusitis. So I was treating it with some antibiotics that weren?t doing anything for me.?

After stopping in Arizona, Collins visited a dentist with little time to spare to get his problem figured out. Though the dentist assured Collins that he could alleviate his pain in only 20 minutes, Collins was out of time, and back on the tour bus where he went onto make the next show. The bassist finished the tour before receiving treatment to eliminate his pain.

?It?s amazing how quickly they can fix it, but I just couldn?t take him up on it...and I should?ve, probably. I should?ve taken a chance but I was too worried that we were gonna miss our Casbah show,? Collins said. ?I don?t wanna be the guy that makes us miss a show.?

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