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Inviting, Entertaining, Relaxing…Dental Décor Can Make a Big Difference to Patients

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When was the last time you looked around and took note of the lobby or interior of a dental office? Anxious and fearful dental patients comprise approximately 80% of Americans according to the American Association of Endodontists. So, doesn’t it make sense that a warm and inviting décor creates a big difference in the patient’s comfort level? Rodeo Dental believes it does – especially for kids, and that’s why we spend countless hours considering the design and interior touches to create optimal comfort and distinction in all of our locations throughout Texas.

We created Rodeo Dental Texas to embody a fun environment that feels less like a visit to the dentist and more like a break for relaxation. Instead of looking at sterile gray walls and sitting silently to worry about their upcoming appointment, our patients are greeted with animated sights and sounds and fun participatory activities. 

A full-sized play gym awaits our youngest patients; a movie theater with surround sound is available for kids and adults alike. Our unique blend of live entertainment, movies, and live gaming systems in our lobbies ensures everyone has a great time. Rodeo's lobby walls are covered with vibrant murals and custom art and designs, all of which shift the patient focus from anxiousness to family friendly fun.  

Helping patients feel happy and at ease is an essential part of our strategy to alleviate dental fears and get more patients in the door. Both kids and adults alike respond positively to our décor because of the lighthearted, warm feeling and fun distractions they experience. This is especially important for children, who have no frame of reference and can have higher levels of anxiety about the visit than their parents.

Ultimately, we want patients to complete their regular cleanings and obtain needed treatments so that they can stave off more serious conditions like gum disease (which is linked to heart disease, strokes and diabetes). With our warm and welcoming environment, patients actually begin to look forward to their dental visits, knowing fun and entertainment awaits them. 

Our offices also pay close attention to other important aspects of dentistry, like offering state-of-the-art technology and working with top dental professionals who are fully trained in their fields. However, if you haven’t considered the importance of your office décor in helping patients have the best possible experience during their visit, we encourage you to do so.

And it’s not just the décor that’s fun at Rodeo Dental…We Love To Have Fun! Check out this awesome music video, Brush Shuffle, we made to celebrate the importance of brushing!





Yahya Mansour, MS, DDS, FICOI




Saam Zarrabi, DDS

Photo 1: Rodeo Dental’s welcoming lobby in their Forest Hill, TX location.

Photo 2: Play gym at Rodeo Dental.


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