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My List of Top 5 Oral Health Products for Your Children

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Taking it a step further, did you know that only 44% of kids brush 2 minutes, twice a day? The way I see it, it really doesn't matter whether it's a brush or a twig as long as plaque and food debris are removed so that enamel may uptake some fluoride.

To make it easier for you, here is my list of top 5 oral health products to check out for your children:

1. FireFly Angry Birds Squirt N Brush Tooth Foam from Dr. Fresh


Coming out at the end of the 3rd quarter in 2012, this fluoride foam toothpaste is a patented squirt-n-brush foam. Yes, just open your mouth, aim, squirt, and brush. This will be a bit more entertaining than physically placing toothpaste on your toothbrush. FireFly Angry Birds Tooth Foam is a nice choice for kids that have a tougher time reaching their back teeth or kids that are currently undergoing orthodontics.

2. Sonicare for Kids from Philips


With a 2-minute timer, different grips and toothbrush heads can accommodate eruption patterns as your children grow. Sonicare for Kids enables parents and children to work together in developing a healthy brushing routine!

3. Waterpik Waterflosser for Kids

Waterpik Waterflosser for Kids

Most kids have a tough time flossing. Waterpik got it right by designing their Waterflosser for Kids to fit the hands of our younger patients. It's proven to be 3x more effective than flossing and 5x as effective as brushing alone! It's ideal for kids undergoing orthodontic therapy or for kids that simply won't or can't floss.

4. Gishy Goo from Opal Orthodontics, an Ultradent division

The only product that lasts for 12 hours, patients can place Gishy Goo as soon as they feel an irritation from orthodontic wires or brackets. I'd recommend adult supervision if the child is under 10 to 12 years of age for accuracy. Gishy Goo is offered in 5 fun colors and has a bubble gum flavor! Who can brush, floss, or waterfloss adequately when ulcers and sore spots from orthodontics occur?

5. GUM Crayola Flossers from Sunstar

GUM Crayola Flossers

GUM Crayola Flossers can go anywhere your child does! From backpacks to your car, these fun colors and user-friendly designs are sure to contribute to your child's gum health and smile!

And although this next topic is not a product, it's worth mentioning in an effort to make a difference by instilling the 2 minute brushing regimen in children's daily routines.

It's called YouTube campaign 2min2x and it's partnered with The Partnership for Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives.The campaign is all about redirecting children?s attention. For children, 2 minutes is a long time to do something you don't like to do...So why not make it fun? Yes, I realize that TVs are not going to be common in your bathroom, but our smartphones just may be the ticket!

It's proven that dental pain can impair your kids from learning and flourishing in their school environment. These products promote both the prevention of plaque build up and healthy oral hygiene routines that are easy to incorporate into your family?s busy lifestyle! Cheers to today's product creativity and diligent parent responsibility in maintaining their children's healthy smile consistently throughout the school year!

Anastasia challenges dental professionals to continually raise the standard of patient care. She is an author in several dental industry publications and is published as an oral health source for numerous online consumer-based sites. Her weekly video blog on YouTube; Anastasia's Hump Day Happenings answers questions from the general public on oral health topics. Anastasia is a spokesperson, independent consultant, working with several companies to develop website content, social media presence, continuing education programs and in-office training for dental hygiene departments on product integration with team communication.

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