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National Facial Protection Month

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Your young patient's dentition may be the determining factor as to which mouth guard to recommend. The 3 types of mouth guards are custom, mouth formed/boil to bite, and stock/commercial. The thickness of mouth guards is not standardized and may range from 2 to 4 mm. It may seem that thickness grants more protection when in reality, many athletes of all ages will not comply because of the feeling of it being too large. Although custom mouth guards offer the greatest protection, young athletes and parents can invest in this after all of the permanent teeth have erupted. Both Keystone's Pro-Form and DDS Lab's Fierce are custom mouth guards worth taking a look at for your practice go to.

3 Types of Mouth Guards


Most coaches and parents of young athletes do not know that the yearly costs of all injuries, including orofacial, can be as high as $1.8 billion dollars. Step back and consider the treatment potential varying from endodontic to dental implants and the hours of lost work for parents and school for kids. This can add up quickly; now consider the psychological impact of which there is no price. With this month being National Facial Protection Month, take a look at contact sports in your area, Tae Kwon Do, volleyball, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc. Create the opportunity for coaches and parents to know your practice and team. This strategy nurtures existing patient relationships and invites a new perspective for our future athletes' smiles.

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