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New Implant Approach for Molars on the Horizon?

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The problem occurs because molars are more rectangular in shape, while are more ?V-shaped.? This can create gaps on the sides of the implant, which can fill with food and debris,rectangular implants creating an inviting environment for bacteria. This bacteria can not only cause oral health issues, but also more systemic health problems as infections spread.

As reported by the Gazette, a Colorado Springs dentist named James Grant is working to address the issue. ?The final crown looks a lot like a candy apple on stick,? Grant said. ?It is basically a round peg in a rectangular space.?

Grant?s solution, which has debuted in Europe, is to use implants with a rectangular base to mimic the natural shape of the tooth. This shape naturally prevents food from accumulating around the implant, eliminating this safe haven for bacteria.

The implants are already approved for the UK and much of Europe, and Grant hopes to bring the system, dubbed Proximerge, to the US soon.

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