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Pediatric Dentistry: Kids Deserve to Have Function and Beauty

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Dr. Cohn focused on pediatric dentistry in great detail during her lecture titled, "The Future of Kids Dentistry-Today!" Speaking to both pediatric dentists and GPs, Dr. Cohn showed technique videos and case studies, and she shared tips and tricks she uses in her practice.

Dr. Cohn discussed the various types of caries she sees with her pediatric patients. She said, "Only lesions from caries are suitable for caries infiltration." To treat these patients, Dr. Cohn mentioned she uses DMG America's Icon for caries procedures and white spot lesion cases. She said Icon preserves healthy tooth structure and minimizes secondary lesions as well. Dr. Cohn also mentioned she uses SDI's Radii Plus as well as 3M ESPE's Sof-Lex when treating her patients.

Dr. Cohn focused on the future of pediatric dentistry through much of her lecture. She said that stainless steel crowns have been been part of pediatric dentistry since the 1950s. "Is it time to look at something that's different than stainless steel crowns? I think so," Dr. Cohn said. Dr. Cohn said both parents and kids want to have more natural looking teeth for esthetics as well as function.

Dr. Cohn mentioned she uses NuSmile's line of products in her practice. As an alternative to stainless-steel crowns, she said NuSmile gives pediatric dentists several good products. With NuSmile ZR, she uses a kit with numbering, making size choices easy for her and her patients. She mentioned she also uses NuSmile Try-In crowns for trial fitting and prep refinement.

On stainless steel crowns vs. natural looking crowns, Dr. Cohn summarized her lecture by saying this: "Our kids deserve to have function and beauty as well."

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