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PeriRx LLC works towards early diagnosis for Sjögren?s Syndrome

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Sjogren's Syndrom

According to the Sjögren?s Syndrome Foundation, common symptoms include dry eyes and mouth, but the autoimmune disease where white blood cells attack moisture-producing glands, can also cause complications with the kidneys, gastrointestinal system, blood vessels, lungs, liver, pancreas, central nervous system while also causing extreme fatigue, joint pain and possible lymphoma.

The disease affects roughly 4,000,000 Americans, with 9 out of 10 patients being women.

PeriRx LLC is doing what it can to make that number decline. The company has recently announced an initiative to develop a highly accurate and scientifically validated molecular biomarker test for the early detection of Sjögren?s Syndrome by the end of 2014.

According to the company?s press release, diagnosing Sjögren?s Syndrome is half the battle. ?The average time between onset of symptoms and diagnosis is 6 years and the symptoms are often attributed to other causes when the patient first visits their physician.?

Sjögren?s Syndrome is also accompanied with other autoimmune issues such as such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

According to PeriRx, LLC?s CEO Stephen M. Swanick, ?The PeriRx Sjögren?s Syndrome Test not only represents a technological breakthrough that enables earlier diagnosis of the disease; it puts the dental professional on the front lines with medical doctors and medical specialists in the collaborative care of the patient.?

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