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Pregnancy and Dental Care: Providing Services for Women At All Times

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The article seemed to imply that dentists are refusing to treat pregnant women or that physicians don't know that pregnant women need dental care.

I'm pretty sure that neither is true, but it never hurts to remind ourselves about this topic.

dentistry during pregnancy

As practicing dentists, we are ethically and morally obligated to provide care to patients with a vast array of health concerns, and pregnancy is no exception.

In our office, we consistently and comfortably provide care to pregnant women on a routine basis. We are able to provide regular care because we have educated our medical community regarding our expectations: proper and complete medical history, signed clearance, and preferably, patients in their second trimester. It is our responsibility to educate the medical professional so that, in return, they are able to better educate their pregnant patients on the importance of maintaining regular dental care during their pregnancy to avert the risk of developing significant oral disease.

I like the quote by Maya Angelou, "When you know better you do better." As physicians and patients gain more knowledge, they will "know better" and hence "do better" by seeking our help in the journey of their pregnancy.

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