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Saliva Test May be Able to Detect Diabetes and Cancer

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Dr. David Wong, a senior author of the research, hoped that the test would detect Type 2 diabetes and gastric cancer. 

"If you don't look in saliva, you may miss important indicators of disease," Wong said. "There seems to be treasure in saliva, which will surprise people."

"If we can define the boundaries of molecular targets in saliva, then we can ask what the constituents in saliva are that can mark someone who has pre-diabetes or the early stages of oral cancer or pancreatic cancer-and we can utilize this knowledge for personalized medicine."

According to the Medical News Today article, ?The study, the most comprehensive analysis ever conducted of RNA molecules in human saliva, reveals that saliva contains many of the same disease-revealing molecules that are contained in blood. It was published online by the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Chemistry and will be published in the journal's January 2015 special print issue, ?Molecular Diagnostics: A Revolution in Progress.?"

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