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Sedation Drugs for Outpatient Dental Procedures

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 In a study involving 60 oral surgery patients, they were randomly chosen to receive either the midazolam or the fospropofol. In addition, all patients received fentanyl and a local anesthetic. Each drug was evaluated for:

  • Onset and maintenance of sedationDental Syringe

  • Cardiovascular safety

  • Patient recovery time

  • Adverse effects

  • Patient and surgeon satisfaction.


In comparison to midazolam, the Anesthesia Progress journal reported that fospropofol provided similar sedation, amnesia, anxiety relief, and cognitive recovery; however, fospropofol appears to take effect more quickly and patient physical recovery time is faster.


Adverse effects between the 2 were increased heart rate for midazolam while fospropofol experienced higher perineal discomfort. A higher rate of patients receiving fospropofol remember the anesthesia injection.


While appearing to be a safe alternative, fospropofol may not be able to completely replace midazolam because of side effects. 

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