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Snap-On Smile

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Since my personal and professional experience with Den-Mat products and their Cerinate lab has always been positive, I was intrigued by their new service and I had a patient who was a great candidate for the Snap-On Smile. This particular patient was in need of a smile makeover. His teeth were very dark and he also had some alignment problems. This patient desperately wanted to improve the appearance of his smile, but lacked the financial resources to make the changes. I offered the Snap-On Smile to this patient as an alternative to more definitive treatment and he was very excited and eager to have one fabricated.

Because I had no previous experience with Snap-On Smile, I followed the Cerinate lab?s directions and sent the required impressions, bites, and photos. The results for the patient were nothing short of phenomenal. The patient was so happy with his new look he was smiling from ear to ear. Shortly after  the patient received his Snap-On Smile, I saw his wife and she couldn?t thank me enough for what I did for her husband. 

The Snap-On Smile by Den-Mat is a great service to offer patients who may not be ready to commit to more definitive treatment either because of finances or uncertainty about making permanent changes to their smile. 

Cynthia Jetter, DMD, owns a private laser dentistry practice with her husband, Donald W. Jetter, DMD, in Voorhees, New Jersey.

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