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Snap-On Smile as an Alternative to a Flipper

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Briefly: 1. they are tissue supported, so they can exert unexpected pressure on the tissue underneath;  2. they do not develop an emergence profile, which can compromise the final result; 3. pick acrylic can trick the patient into thinking they have gingiva that they don?t actually have; and 4. patients hate them because they?re removable and clumsy.

So I prefer to use alternatives.

But sometimes a flipper seems like our only choice. The adjacent teeth are virgin, so we don?t want to chop them down just to use a temporary fixed partial denture (aka ?acrylic bridge?).  And a resin-bonded bridge (aka ?Maryland bridge?) can be a hassle because it?d hard to remove and replace for impressions, try-in, etc.

But there is another option in these cases. Snap-On Smile (DenMat) is a lab-processed resin material that is custom made for patients. It simply slides over the adjacent teeth and holds in place by friction: no cement needed here.

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This blog was re-posted with permission from The Curious Dentist.

Chris Salierno, DDS, is a nationally-recognized author and lecturer. His audiences include dentists, dental students, office managers, and hygienists. His areas of expertise include practice management, leadership development, implant prostheses, occlusion, and cosmetic dentistry.


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