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So you think you know Dentrix?

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I just read a recent blog post covering a movement among neuroscientists to debunk the common perception that we humans only use 10% of our brain power. In my decades speaking to dental industry reps and dental team members, there is a similar perception concerning practice management software. Many dental practices admit that they definitely are taking advantage of only a small percentage of their software?s potential. And apparently Dentrix wants to reverse this??


I just learned about a new program from Dentrix for its customers. It?s called Dentrix Mastery Tracks, and it?s really pretty genius. Here?s how Dentrix summarizes its program: ?Dentrix Mastery Tracks provides a fast, affordable way to find out how well Dentrix professionals understand and can utilize all the capabilities in Dentrix, quickly identify areas where their knowledge is lacking and then provide the targeted training they need to improve their skills.?

There are so many facets to the Mastery Tracks program, I encourage you to check out the details on the program web pages at  But simply, Dentrix Mastery Tracks gives everyone in the practice the opportunity to take topic-specific tests, and by passing them, to prove mastery of that component of Dentrix?and be recognized as a Dentrix specialist. The tests are grouped under four main areas?front office, financial, practice analysis, and clinical. Team members can track their own results and print certificates through a single web portal.

In addition to the tests, the program offers a wide range of learning resources to not only prepare team members for the tests, but enhance their skills?and in turn increase their value to the practice. There is a reasonable fee for every test someone in the practice takes, with an additional discount offered by signing up for all the tests in a specific Mastery Track. And it?s way better than school?team members can retake any test they don?t pass free of charge after a 24-hour waiting period (a one-time per test benefit).

I am going to dive into Dentrix Mastery Tracks in the next few weeks and will share some interesting highlights and components in future posts. In the meantime, if you?re a Dentrix user, check it out.

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