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Solea's Role in the Future of Laser Dentistry

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During this 2-hour presentation, Mark Mizner, DMD, and David Fantarella, DMD, hosted a live dentistry session that showed Solea's central role in the future of laser dentistry.

Dr. Mizner and Dr. Fantarella spoke to a full room of clinicians; some considered themselves laser dentists, others did not. They began the symposium with a background of how Solea was created, then they demonstrated Solea's use on 2 patients during a live dentistry presentation.

During Dr. Mizner's introduction to Solea, he went over the general background of how Convergent Dental designed Solea, including the testing and research that was necessary before creating the new product. He mentioned that Solea's mission is to build a laser that even a non-laser dentist could use. Dr. Mizner said he does not consider himself a laser dentist or even an early adapter, but once he started using Solea, he was convinced it was the right product for his patients. He mentioned that Solea is simple to use, and he felt he could use the product confidently in his practice after a one-day, comprehensive training course.

Dr. Fantarella then took the stage and went over the physics behind Solea and laser dentistry in general. He said Solea is the first CO2 laser cleared by the FDA for both hard- and soft-tissue ablation. He also mentioned that Solea is the first Computer Aided Preparation (CAP) system in dentistry.

During Dr. Fantarella's live dentistry demonstration, he brought one of his laser patients to the stage and he performed a full caries excavation with the laser. The patient did not need anesthesia and did not report any pain throughout the laser dentistry experience. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Fantarella used Solea's foot pedal to change the power/speed levels based on where he was during the procedure, changing the repetition rate. He mentioned that this is also a breakthrough in laser dentistry, since most products simply use the on/off feature rather than speed levels.

Dr. Mizner also performed live dentistry on one of his new patients. It was a quick procedure and he was able to complete caries excavation using only the laser. After Dr. Mizner was done, the patient spoke to the audience and said he had no postoperative pain and he planned on having lunch shortly after.

The staff at Convergent Dental ended the presentation by thanking Dr. Fantarella, Dr. Mizner, and all the clinicians for attending the live dentistry symposium.

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