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Straumann's Dental Implant Complications Symposium: CE done right

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A young dental student from North Carolina, a practicing periodontist from Colombia, and a Libyan post-graduate student in an implant specialty program sat down at a table??.

Not the start of a joke, but the three folks with the only remaining chair in the room for me to occupy while eating lunch. It was the mid-day break during the recent Dental Implant Complications Symposium in Ft. Worth. It was the third such event that Straumann Dental has sponsored, and the second that I attended. I didn?t think Straumann could top the previous one, but they did.

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In my decades in dental media, I have attended numerous CE programs, from huge dental conferences to small study clubs. And Straumann?s one-day event holds up as a gold standard. My observations:

? Most importantly, all the presenters?literally, all?had that magic combination of skilled public speaking and valuable, practical information applicable to real-life practice. The programs were succinct, well-prepared, on point, and non-promotional. I kid you not, the co-presenter tag team of Drs. Stuart Froum and Paul Rosen parlayed back and forth to each other?s areas of expertise on managing peri-implantitis like Abbott and Costello doing ?Who?s on First.?


? During the breaks, attendees enthusiastically sought out presenters with questions as well as exhibitors?as opposed to disappearing into the hallways with their cell phones.

? The audience DID NOT thin out late into the afternoon.

? I give kudos to Straumann for having the guts to sponsor a full-day event devoted to an honest discussion of how to deal with potential problems encountered with their own product category. While it?s ultimately great marketing, it is also a true customer-focused attempt to raise the quality of dentistry.

? Ultimately, the one-day program delivered exactly what it promised: ?The Dental Implant Complications Symposium will give you the tools to diagnose and treat clinical issues in an effective manner .?

Incidentally, my lunch partners agreed. They started out lunch as strangers, but at meal?s end, had rapid-fire-covered a wide range of topics relating to the morning?s presentations and had exchanged contact information. ?As I did during the formal program, I pretty much just listened.

As soon as I find out, I?ll let you know the date of next year?s symposium. If you are involved in ANY aspect of implant dentistry, it?s a not-to-be-missed event.

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