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Take a Deep Breath...and Go Numb!

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While "a lot of work needs to be done" before market release, an experimental nose spray shows promise as a replacement to lidocaine injections to provide profound maxillary anesthesia. The efficacy, safety, and tolerability of the nasal spray was studied by a team lead by renowned periodontist and educator Dr. Sebastian Ciancio and preliminary results were recently published online by the Journal of Dental Research.

Let's see now....the choice between a quick, refreshing mist up the nose and an injection? No brainer. "Even if it bothers you to have something sprayed in your nose," said Dr. Ciancio," I think it would bother you less than having an injection."

This could be a game changer, but as mentioned, all involved see the need for published trials with larger groups  of patients (than this current study of 45 individuals) and the anesthetic properties of the drug subjected to an electric pulp test. Still, I am personally hoping this is the real deal. Needle-phobics, stay tuned!

There's an abstract online and a Medscape summary ** if you want more details.

**If you're not registered on Medscape, you'll be asked to....and you should. Great "Reader's Digest" wrap-ups of clinical research for your busy schedule.

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