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University of Texas at Austin Researchers Invent Food Burn Relievers

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Remember those dissolvable strips that melted in your mouth and provided a burst of Listerine flavor? Well, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have taken that idea and expanded it to make strips that will cure that awkward feeling when you burn your mouth.

According to this article the strip will be ?placed directly onto the part of the mouth that's burned?whether it's the tongue, cheek, or roof?and as it dissolves it delivers a controlled dosage of a local anesthetic called benzocaine.? Benzocaine is already FDA approved, so there is no worry of any new chemical.

As someone who absolutely hates mouth burns (I put an ice cube in my coffee every morning), I?ll be sure to check these out. That feeling of a burnt mouth can last a few days, and negatively affects everything you eat in that time. If these strips can cure that, they?ll have a spot in my cabinet, that?s for sure. 



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