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Up Your Oral Cancer Screening Capabilities...Win a Velscope Vx

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 velscope vx value bundle

MORE MOTIVATION TO ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES: An independent Canadian study has concluded that integrating fluorescence visualization (FV) technology, as delivered by the Velscope Vx, significantly improves the protocol for screening, assessing and reassessing oral lesions. Researchers said,  ?A protocol for screening (assess risk, reassess, and refer) is recommended for the screening of abnormal intraoral lesions. Integrating FV into a process of assessing and reassessing lesions significantly improved this model.? The study results, as published in the Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine, are downloadable from LED Dental's web site.

Opening an email announcing its giveaway of an early oral cancer detection system, LED Dental certainly got my attention with this dire statistic: One person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day.

That should be motivation enough for you to bring your A-game to your oral cancer screening efforts. And a dedicated early detection system, such as LED Dental's Velscope Vx can help. So learn about the system and the sweepstakes and then register to win a Velscope Vx Value Bundle which includes:

  • The Velscope Vx detection system that efficiently and accurately identifies abnormal tissue with fluorescence,
  • The Velscope Vx camera kit for easy documentation
  • Disposables
  • Practice marketing materials
  • Webinar training

Any dentist practicing in the U.S. or Canada can enter. And one lucky practitioner in each country will definitely receive the Velscope Vx Value Bundle, worth nearly $4,000.

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