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Want to Get Patients to Floss More? Invent Your Own Tool

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 Their reasons for not flossing were always the same: ?it hurts, my gums bleed, it takes too long, the floss gets stuck, I don?t like putting my fingers in my mouth.? He became exasperated and decided he needed to find another way.


That?s when he hit on making his own dental flosser. While designing it, Pruett kept in mind every excuse his patients gave him for not flossing; and the Flossolution was born.


Pruett developed it in his own lab and tested it in his office. After testing, the final version had the following features:

  • a handle to hold the floss

  • a Flossguard to keep the floss from causing trauma by controlling the depth

  • a Bite Bumper for opposing teeth that allows the user to bite gently, helping ease floss into tighter spaces.

There are now 2 versions for sale: one manual and the other with a sonic device. Both versions feature brush attachments to make it even easier to go from brushing to flossing.

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