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Watch Out for the Cavity Creeps this Halloween

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Sugary snacks can lead to acid erosion of teeth, and the best way to fight this erosion is through good oral health care regimens, CDC officials note on their website:

The CDC is also emphasizing the need to brush with fluoride toothpaste, floss every day, and drink fluoridated tap water to prevent tooth decay. 

"Bacteria that naturally live in our mouths use sugar in food to make acids. Those acids can destroy the outside layer of the teeth and cause cavities that can lead to other oral problems. Cut down on sugary treats and drinks this Halloween," CDC officials wrote. 

The website also provides other tips to have a healthy Halloween, including, offering fruits and vegetables at Halloween parties, getting enough sleep, and taking steps to avoid spread of infections, like getting vaccinated against influenza, dressing appropriately for cooler temperatures, and thoroughly washing hands. 

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