BluPrint Bite Registration Material

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The unique mousse-like formula prevents distortion in a disposable bite tray and delivers fast, accurate impressions for on-the-spot repair models and quick provisional crowns. Available in a high-performance cartridge, BluPrint berry flavor bite registration material is indicated for temporary inlays and onlays, copying transfers, and primary impressions with bite trays. Its super fast formula sets in 30 seconds, while the fast formula sets in 1 min. A dispensing gun and BluPrint trays can be purchased separately. The 3-way BluPrint trays capture the master impression, counter impression and bite registration simultaneously, and they feature the ultrafine MicroMesh webbing that extends as the patient closes the mouth. BluPrint is available in unflavored, vanilla mint, and berry flavors as well as a rigid formulation.




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BluPrint Bite Registration Material
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