BUTLER White Fluoride Varnish with xylitol

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"Butler White Fluoride Varnish (5% sodium fluoride) with xylitol offers the same benefits as other fluoride varnishes, but without discoloring effects or gritty feel. Made with xylitol, Butler White Fluoride Varnish goes on white and is not visible after application. The gluten-free varnish is available in Melon Madness and Bubblegum."




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Butler Fluoride Varnish
I have tried other varnishes for cervical sensitivity, and this Butler's White varnish works the best ! Patients are happy with the taste, and how immediate it works. I have had it placed on my cervical areas that were sensitive and it stayed on the teeth for about 6 hours and it was placed 6 months ago. I have not had any sensitivity since !!!
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Love this product for sensitivity
When I have a patient with sensitivity, due to bruxing, malocclusion, or faulty restorations, I always finish with fluoride varnish on the sensitive spots. I really love Butler white, as the patients feel their teeth are still white after the prophy, while being protected. My dentis will help alleviate the problem with the bit(if at all possible) and I have had great reviews from the patients after using this. If the bite has been adjusted correctly, it ends the issue! It has a great taste and is easy to apply
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The product does seem to work but somewhat peels off. Most likely would not purchase for office again.
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BUTLER White Fluoride Varnish with xylitol
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